The horrifying death of Mohammad Anwar comes during a spike in D.C. carjackings

THE VIDEO of Mohammad Anwar being carjacked and pulled to his death is really dazzling. This is my vehicle!,the 66-year-old companion, father and granddad hollered before the vehicle ran away with him hanging outside the driver’s doorway, sideswiping a metal limit and light pole preceding striking a check and overturning in Southeast Washington. Mr. Anwar was thrown face-down on the walkway. Two little youths bounced from the crushed vehicle, and one of them was in showing up alert: My phone is in there.


The two young women, ages 13 and 15, had as of late purportedly used a stun contraption in their mishandled carjacking try, a man was lying broken before them on the ground and their uneasiness was recuperating a cellphone. Is it precise to say that they were in shock? Was it a sign of arrogant energy? Possibly it was a full scale nonappearance of empathy, the very thing that could incite the remissness that achieved the death of a man and charges of manslaughter against two youngsters.

The death of Mr. Anwar, who moved from Pakistan and was working as a Uber Eats driver, was gotten on video that flowed around the web. It has brought to the front a segment of the issues the District faces as it experiences a disturbing convergence of carjackings and vehicle thefts. As of Monday, there had been 101 carjackings in D.C. this year, differentiated and 22 during a comparative period in 2020. There has been a 35 percent extension in auto theft. D.C. isn’t the simply one to experience a spike in these infringement; abutting Montgomery and Prince George’s territories have seen a climb, as have distinctive metropolitan networks the country over. One explanation may be the pandemic: More transport people are in the city, giving more opportunities to bad behavior, and shut schools have left various adolescents independent.

The relationship of youths is of explicit concern in the District. There have been 23 catches this season of youths, ages 12 to 17, on carjacking charges. The Post’s Peter Hermann, Justin Jouvenal and Paul Duggan declared one 14-year-old was charged in two furnished carjackings and three prepared thefts on a singular day in January. Days after the catch of the two young women in Mr. Anwar’s passing, police announced the catch of two 13-year-old young fellows in two other prepared carjackings.

Police say that in various cases the young people fundamentally need the experience of a cruise all over and the vehicles are promptly recovered. What, notwithstanding, are the outcomes? Police said that one of the young women charged in Mr. Anwar’s destruction was caught in the wake of checking out a near event in January. Acting D.C. police supervisor Robert Contee revealed to Fox 5 News that couple of carjacking suspects “are locked in with various, various cases,” adding that there was a need to study “the obligation that is set up.

The youngsters’ case will be managed by a juvenile court, where order rules hold everybody back from acknowledging what may have awakened this bad behavior. An adjudicator has dismissed even to allow openness of whether the youngsters have been kept. D.C. specialists related with juvenile issues have fittingly centered around recuperation rather than order of lamented youngsters. In any case, the city needs to confront the mistake tended to by the death of Mr. Anwar and set up the safeguards expected to all the almost certain guarantee individuals by and large.

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