Momina Mustehsan urges PM Khan to visit Hazara dissenters

Vocalist Momina Mustehsan took to Twitter and asked Prime Minister Imran Khan to visit the Hazara dissidents without sitting tight for them to cover their perished.

“The country grieves and remains in fortitude with our Hazara kinfolk,” the Baari artist tweeted. She said that the country knows about the Hazaras’ oppressions and is trusting that PM Khan will show his help for the casualties’ families.

“Decent Prime Minister, everyone’s eyes are on you,” she said. “The whole country knows about the mistreatments of the Hazara people group, for a really long time.”

Mustehsan added that the Hazara are the same and it is critical to show fortitude with them, setting aside “all connivances and governmental issues”.

“It is pivotal to show fortitude at this hour paying little mind to connivances, those dependable, and those attempting to politicize.”

She mentioned the head to visit the dissenters as they need “his comfort in times of dire need”.

“We beg you to reevaluate your position,” said Mustehsan. “Kindly don’t sit tight for them to cover the expired, they need your source of genuine sympathy.”

On January 3, 10 coalminers were executed by unidentified men in their room in the Machh coal field. The assault was asserted by the Islamic State’s Wilayah Pakistan arm.

Hazara dissidents had been organizing a protest at an expressway close to Quetta throughout the previous six days. They had before wouldn’t cover their friends and family.

PM Khan experienced harsh criticism after he blamed the fighting Hazara families for “extorting” him into coming to Quetta.

“We can’t do this on the off chance that you set a condition for the internment of the dead,” he said at an occasion in Islamabad Friday. “You can’t shakedown a PM like this when we have consented to all the other things.”

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