Essay On Old Foundation And Young Blood

Old Foundation And Young Blood

An intellectual once said,
“I love my age.
Old enough to know better.
Young enough to take initiative.
Experienced enough to do it right.”
An amalgam of old foundation and new blood makes a successful society. New blood, the youth are the
building blocks of a nation. It is a fact that stronger the youth developed is the nation. When it steps out in
a unison, every stone paves the way for the forthcoming perfection. Obviously, we have learned hundreds
and thousands of things from our own as well as unknown elders. Every little achievement of their past
helped to shape our future. Old has always been gold. When unite, old generation and youth makes a
good team.
The Qur’an and prophet (P.B.U.H) encouraged Muslims to decide their affairs in consultations.
Hazrat Ayesha (R.A) said that,
“I’ve not seen a person consulting the people more than Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). If Umar
(R.A) and Ali (R.A) got together on an opinion, they would look together towards the Holy
Prophet for the wise decision.”
Thus, the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) organized Majlis-e-Shura to hold consultations among the
Muslims for administrating their affairs and proved to be an ideal team of old foundation and new
blood for spreading Islam throughout the world. The concept of Shura propounded by Islam is
earlier than the present concept of parliamentary system. According to Hamid Ullah Ansari, Islam
gave the concept of parliamentary system nearly the thousand years earlier than the western
concept of parliament.

“Experience and passion make a winning combination.”

Old and youth often combine well. Elderly people set foundation for the new blood with the help
of their farsightedness. Developed countries are aware of the worth of their youth. They consider
their youth as an asset and provide them with education, employment and recreational activities.
On the other hand, old foundation as role models for the younger generation have set foundations
where the youngsters can look forward for direction. Such healthy and competitive environment
prepares the youth to lead the country through thick and thin. If youth is not in the right direction
and is unconcerned about the future of the nation, will become a burden for the nation.
Consequently, it will not play any productive role. The expertise of old and young people is
totally different in nature. Young people are active and ambitious for achieving their goals. They
are passionate part of the society whose power and motivation can be used to bring enormous
changes in various fields of life.
On the other hand, importance of old people in the society cannot be denied. Although, they are
not that much passionate but like a strong foundation of any building can be taken as an evidence
of its stability. A huge building made up of twenty floors rising up and up is an indication of its
strong foundation.
“Years after years, bricks after bricks,
Wiser cemented by determination,
Watered by dreams, cracked by blows,
Repaired by mason,
Working round the clock.”
“Anointing healing and the fruits of the wisdom,
Often unseen, often unknown,
Ripen inside and then no more, just yours.”
“Beget nurseries of wisdom,
Building, strengthening,
Repairing, healing,
Your foundation, Your hope.”
Similarly, in human society old people are like a strong foundation who can guide us in a better
way to face the challenge of life. Powerful base is the main strength which holds it firmly on the
ground and does not let it fall. We should listen to our elder’s advice, not because they are always
right but because they are more experienced. Old people have a wealth of skills and experiences.
They have lived through situations which others cannot even imagine. But we continue to dismiss
these lifetime experiences when they need care and support from our side.
Another example can be taken from the cricket team. During the practice sessions of games in
ground, coaches act like an old foundation while the players are the young blood and together,
they make a perfect team. After getting training from these experienced coaches, team can
perform excellently at national and international levels. It proves that old foundation always
nourishes the young blood.
“In the midst, of an everlasting journey,
With no arrival in sight
a foundation of youth
is draining away.”
“Don’t waste your life,
Don’t throw it all away.”
“Keeping your older generation,
as your foundation,
Live it to the full
And with a future in your mind.” (Dave Alan Walker)
The young people are full of vibrant ideas. Their ideas can show the country a new path towards
prosperity. Young people have energy top try things out and the patience to learn from mistakes. Giving
them opportunities to plan, to decide and to work prepares them to face the harsh realities if life. Young’s
participation is important because youth are the power of country. Youth recognize problems and can also
solve them. It provides a strong force in social movements. A wisdom always in making is nourished by
experience, vitaminized by failures, strengthened by aspiration and built on the foundation of hope.
Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the outstanding leader and a visionary statesman created this nation-state of
Pakistan by legal and constitutional means with the power of young blood. He addressed them as,
“My young friends!
I look forward to you as the real makers of Pakistan, don’t be misled. You must learn to obey, for
only then you can learn to command.”
However, significance of seniors and elderly persons cannot be excluded from our lives. We say,
“When united is our youth with the older foundation of our time,
Every hurdle, every obstacle, every path
Becomes untroubled and uniform.”
Older people contribute on a macro-level to the workplace and financially on a local level to their
communities and individual networks in terms of experience. They have contributed for many decades
which is something superb but is often forgotten.
This concept can be scrutinized through the example of a tree. Here, tree can be used to illustrate a family
system. In a family every member occupies a distinct position. Elders are like roots who own the family
tenaciously. If roots are strong, tree will stand steady and firmly on the ground. On contrary, if roots are
shaky and fragile, storm will easily ruin it. Although separately roots cannot stand for a long period. In a
family system parents are like roots while children are stem and petals. All parts of the plant are equally
necessary for the survival of plants. Similarly, in a family system, co-operation and mutual efforts give
shape to a successful family. The collective efforts of old foundation and young blood can be evaluated
through the role of a principal in an institution. The existence of principal denotes the old foundation who
acts like a role model for the young blood. A head of an institution promotes science, technology,
engineering and mathematics for young learners. He or she provides them direction to become the
successful planners, designers and project managers of the future. This support and encouragement of old
foundation help new blood to realize their capabilities and potentials.
“The beauty of collaboration between older and younger generation is that we combine strength
with wisdom, a surefire way to accomplish more and more.” (Brett Harris)
Older generation has the skill, and the generation has the tool and integration of both make the exemplary
team for making wonders in every field. May the youth now memorize its real power on innovation to
evolve, create and surprise is due to its foundation.

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